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    Lacey Rentals Inc. is the number one choice in waste management for construction sites. We take care of installation, service, and removal. Just tell us when to be there and you'll see blue!

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    When it comes to waste management, our fleet is above the rest. With over 700 units, ranging in shape, size and feature we will be sure to fit your needs. Whether you organizing a party for 50 or a concert for thousands, choose Lacey as your portable toilet supplier!

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You probably don’t think about portable toilets often. But what happens when you are at an outdoor event in Sioux Falls, SD, and realize that the lemonade that was so cool and refreshing just a few moments ago could turn into an embarrassing problem? In that moment, a portable restroom becomes the prominent thought in your mind.

Thankfully, every well-managed outdoor event and construction site is equipped with high-quality portable restrooms. Make sure that your attendees, customers or employees believe that your event is high-quality and well-managed by getting Sioux Falls, SD, portable potties from Lacey Rentals, Inc.

Lacey Rentals, Inc., has portable solutions available that will match any portable potty need. Whether you need a single potty, a few mobile toilets to place around a large area, or an executive mobile restroom, Lacey Rentals, Inc., is ready to help.

Michael and Jessica Gross make it their business to make sure that you have clean, functional restrooms to meet the needs of any situation. Lacey’s was first started in 1972 by Jeff Lacey.  On March 26, 2012, Michael and Jessica Gross decided to get back into the portable toilet business and bought out Lacey’s.  They then changed the name to Lacey Rentals, Inc.  In the first year, they have bought new toilets, purchased land, built a shop and purchased an executive trailer. They have no plans of stopping there!

Interested in learning more about the Sioux Falls, SD, portable potty solutions available from Lacey Rentals, Inc.? Call today!




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